What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is an unpredictable and often aggressive hair loss condition, causing the body to reject the hair. Despite years of research, the exact causes of alopecia are unknown and treatment options are limited in both number and effectiveness.

There are many kinds of alopecia. The most common are alopecia areata, sympomized by patchy hair loss, which often progresses to alopecia totalis, or total loss of all head hair. Alopecia can also affect the eyebrows, eyelashes and sometimes the beard (alopecia barbae), and in rare cases can cause the total loss of all hair on the body, a condition known as alopecia universalis.

How can SMP help you?

Scalp micropigmentation does not ‘cure’ alopecia. Bypassing the usual non-effective treatment routines, SMP is a cover-up that hides the visible symptoms of alopecia. For this reason, scalp micropigmentation is the only permanent solution for alopecia to offer guaranteed results.

The exact nature of your treatment is highly individual and depends heavily on your own very specific requirements. All forms of alopecia can be concealed with SMP, however it is important we first understand how your condition has progressed, and how your symptoms are likely to change in the future.

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