Scalp Micropigmentation for Scarring

Many men who come to us have had previous hair transplant surgery. Often they remain unsatisfied with their appearance, usually due to insufficient donor hair availability, and want us to fill these sparse areas with replicated hair.

Most commonly however, they have scars from the surgery that are more visible than they anticipated, and want to use scalp micropigmentation to help hide those scars. This is especially common among those who have had multiple hair transplants, or who had surgery some time ago. Often they find that as their hair continues to thin, it becomes harder to disguise those scars on their own.

How can SMP help you?

Scalp micropigmentation works on both FUT (strip) and FUE (dot) scars. The exact level of camouflage can be predicted during your consultation, and depends on various factors including the size, position, texture and color of your scar, the health of the surrounding skin, your remaining hair density and your skin tone.

In most cases we are able to achieve a level of camouflage from 60% to as much as 90% covered.

To provide more specific advice, we need to see your scar. For your convenience we can usually do this by assessing photographs. If you’re located near our clinic, of course it is always beneficial to arrange a face to face consultation so we can assess your scar in person.