Hair loss in Women

The impact of hair loss can be devastating for women, and the exact cause is often more difficult to ascertain than for men. The most common culprits include hormonal imbalances, alopecia, stress, drug-induced hair loss, childbirth and sometimes a specific condition such as telogen effluvium.

For this reason, it is always advised to seek medical advice to ensure there is no underlying medical condition that is causing the hair to be lost.

Scalp micropigmentation is an increasingly popular choice for our female clients who wish to cover the effects of hair loss.

How can SMP help you?

The vast majority of our female clients want to keep their hair at its current length. For this reason, our scalp micropigmentation process is specially adapted to meet your individual needs.

By implanting tiny pigment deposits into the upper dermis of your scalp, the contrast between your real hair and your skin is reduced, making your hair appear thicker and fuller. We always work behind your hairline and way from your natural parting to produce a 100% natural look that is virtually undetectable.

To assess your suitability for this treatment, it is essential that we discuss your treatment needs with you first. Please contact us for a private discussion about what you aim to achieve.